About us

PUNYA is a Publishing and Educational Research and Services company with a mission to reach all children of the society with high quality educational books at reasonable and affordable prices. It is working to create materials for the integrated development of children and value based education. The research based books for students help to train young minds to develop thinking skills and creativity. The books also cover learning skills and life skills. The company is creating quality products and services that educate, entertain and motivate children and are designed to help enlarge their understanding of the world around them.

The corporate mission is of instilling the love of reading and learning for lifelong pleasure in all children on one hand and also of creating high quality, meaningful trade books for general reading. Punya Educational Research and Services creates a support system for the educational institutions to reach excellence

Key people

The Director of the company Dr Poonam S Kohli, a prize winning writer, publisher and educationist has a long experience in publishing and education. She has produced a stupendous range of books from school books of children to higher education, Atlases in reference area to Deluxe editions and Coffee table books in trade books. She has also done a lot of meaningful research in education. Some of the research tools developed and validated by her are widely used by scholars in assessment of integrated development of children and classroom interaction of teachers. She is dedicated to the cause of education for the last 25 years, developing materials, designing curriculum and conducting educational orientation programs for teachers and teacher educators. Her company works with a mission of Generating Excellence.

Dr Poonam S Kohli is also a successful author of 21 books. Some of her books have gone into several reprints and are highly appreciated by the schools as a unique contribution to education. One of her books of original plays had received an award of The Best Book of The Year by the Panjab Government in the year 1986. She is one of the pioneers in India in making the textbooks activity oriented and attractive for students and beginning a new genre of publishing by designing and publishing great poetry books as deluxe editions juxtaposing the poems with paintings.

The other director of the company,

Mr S R Kohli, is a Post Graduate in Engineering and Management and has 30 years of experience in man management, sales and quality assurance and is responsible for the organisational, administrative and marketing requirements of the company. He served the Indian Air Force with distinction for 21 years and holding important posts such as Chief Engineering Officer at AF Station Jammu. He was responsible for organising and sending the first helicopter flight to Siachin Glacier with very low level infrastructure and resources available there. He was also associated with Advanced Light Helicopter and LCA project from the developmental stage.He was Senior Advisor on Quality to a US based MNC for their business interests in India.

A number of experienced and young executives work sincerely to help the cause of education. Besides these executives the company is supported by a large number of great personalities and artists whose advise and active participation enriches the philosophy of the company and helps its progress.