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Today the fast economic growth of a country depends on the expansion of knowledge. We need to raise the children in such a way that they can benefit and participate in the economic growth. In order to benefit from and handle the knowledge explosion the learning skills should be developed right from the early childhood so that education becomes a life long process.

Along with the economic growth there is an ever-increasing fear that unless there is an attitudinal change the world is nearing a global disaster. Once again it places an onus on education system to ensure a holistic development of children with a focus not only on their cognitive development but also on their social, emotional and physical development and to manifest in them universal love, unselfishness and compassion for healthy interpersonal relations.

Due to the demands of fast changing modern life it has become essential that children learn a large group of Interpersonal and Psycho-social abilities which can help them in making informed decisions, communicate effectively, and develop coping and self-management skills. These abilities are called Life skills. Thus there is a need for life skills and learning skills to be a part of curriculum.

Focus of Text Books, Reference Books and Educational Services by Punya Publishing:

  1. Follow a balanced approach of teaching skills and imparting knowledge
  2. focus on the holistic development of children. Competence encompasses all aspects of development - Psychomotor, Cognitive and Affective
  3. Both cognitive and non-cognitive aspects are given equal importance in education.
  4. Early childhood, between the years 3 to 5 years, is the period of fastest growth among children. Special research based Enrichment programmes in this period through the Learning Is Fun 1-3 series.
  5. Various innovative ideas of educational research are interwoven in the curriculum and textbooks of children.
  6. The main course is enriched through the learning materials with the emphasis of education from learning To Do to learning To Be.
  7. All learning materials follow current approaches of teaching/learning, reduce the burden on the child by imparting skills of learning and are attractively presented to inculcate an interest for learning and internalising knowledge.

Punya publishing works for generating excellence based on this focus and fulfils the need of attractive and mentally stimulating learning materials for young learners according to their level of understanding. These self-learning materials aim at total development of children and follow a product- process approach. The books provide research based, easy to understand, self-learning materials for school education for making sound foundation of children to tackle the challenges of economic growth and of becoming productive and innovative global citizens.

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