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Punya Publishing Mentoring

Deeper in values – stronger in actions

The ability to attain any goal is absolutely contingent on the condition and quality of our mind.

   -Thich Nhat Hanh

Great performances depend on good mental and physical health. Mentoring is one of the ways to achieve that. We encourage autonomy and self-development.

Mentoring process stimulates to discover meanings from within. It manages relationships, encourages, nurtures and gives direction to empower oneself.
Mentoring is thousands of years old. When legendary Vishnu Sharma of Panchtantra offered to transform sons of the king in six months, talking to them and telling them stories, this was mentoring and transforming.
Mentoring can thus play a great part in your life, by lighting the lamp in right direction. Mentoring with Punya Education is linked with empowering those who are struggling with various problems.
We work with an intrinsic faith that every LIFE IS PRECIOUS. Everyone should respect this great gift called life.
You are indeed unique, and you are the maker of your destiny. Why should you be despondent?
Punya Education Services mentors for:

Pursuit of Success and leadership
To grow to respect yourself and your life
Freedom and happiness

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