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Learning is Fun - 2

Learning is Fun - 2
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Learning is Fun - 2

Skill based activity books for Pre-primary children
Ensure multidimensional growth reduce burden on children 
Teach early childhood 
Skills simple and self learning
Ephasise sensory development
Develop verbal communication. Activities for social and physical development

Excellent skills and activities based book with a focus on Multidimensional growth of Preschool, 3-5 years old Children. Especially attractive for parents, as they fulfill their need for guidance, with extensive notes for them.Attractively designed and systematically developed these books are in large format with adequate space for children to work on.

Step by Step  learning in Your New Learning Is Fun 2

Sounds of letters and words, phonic reading, writing words, number words, counting with understanding, shapes, opposites, early maths skills, sensory development, vegetables, fruits, traffic rules, parts of body, secondary colours, stories, rhymes, whole-part  relations.

Skills - Identification, matching, sorting, classification, listening with understanding, running, hopping, cutting, pasting, following instructions.

These Books help to

  • Optimize the mental, physical, emotional and social development of children.
  • Incidental learning of Early Childhood Skills give a headstart to the children for primary school.
  • Every page of the books is a carefully developed worksheet of Activities for developing cognitiveskills of children.
  • Develop reading and writing skills. Interesting and clear practice in phonic reading.
  • Develop verbal capacities and vocabulary with the activities provided in the books.
  • A programme of physical and emotional development runs through the books.
  • The books follow a playway, pictorial and storytelling method of learning.
  • Rhymes and other conversational tips are given for verbal development.
  • Multiple activities with clear instructions are given for sensory development such as sense of smell,listening, touch etc.
  • The suggestions for parents are provided on each page.
  • Tips for focussing on pre-primary skills and safety habits are also provided.
  • Colourful illustrations in the books enliven the stories, songs and activities.

The aims of the series are :

  • Total Development of the Child - Mental, Physical, Social and Emotional
  • Reducing burden on the child by integrated approach of teaching and learning
  • Incidental learning of Early Childhood Skills to give a head start to the child

Book Features

Learning Is Fun Book 1, 2 and 3 are Textbooks for Pre-primary / Nursery LKG / UKG Classes. Children Age group 3 to 5 years.

About the Author

Dr Poonam S Kohli is an author of 20 books for children, which have gone into several reprints and have sold more than 50 lac copies. With a specialisation in optimising the integrated development of preschool children her research has been appreciated internationally. She is a State award recipient for one of her creative works. Her niche is creating visually appealing books for children with strong content so that children enjoy learning and develop a love for knowledge and books. 

Book Details
Publisher: Punya Publications
Publication Date: 2014-02-06
ISBN NO: 978-93-81774-05-2
Book Size 215 X 280 mm
Language: English
Binding: Soft Back
Pages: 88 Pages
Weight: 250 gms

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