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Language Builder - 3

Language Builder - 3
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Language Builder - 3


A key to building excellent language skills.

It is easy - step by step with learning aids such as mental maps and pictures.

" Language Builder 3 " is the third Book of a series of 8 books to completely look after the needs of learning English for all. From a student of Class 1 to a grown up person wanting to learn English the series helps all. Starting from alphabet and syllables the series takes you step by step, holding your hand for learning English language and using it in real life situations. From letters, words simple sentences to writing of paragraphs, letters, resume, making notes and all the other communication needs. All this and more is taught step by step and every step is well graded based on the research in language acquisition. See the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills grow at an amazing rate with this series of books. 

Grammar and punctuation rules are clearly defined with ability appropriate activities to help develop language skills. Explanations are clear and pictorial, supported with mental maps and memory aids. Games and puzzles help to stimulate thinking and build vocabulary. Attractive colourful cartoonish pictures and diagrams make the exercises interesting. Plenty of exercises ensure that no student is left behind. All books are divided into well-graded units. All units have unit reviews and tests to assess and help the progress. It makes you confident to use English by learning with the help of plenty of exercises of grammar, spelling, writing and communication. 

Real progress is made as students are challenged to use the skills in real life situations. Real life situations help to develop communication skills. You work in units, every completed unit, its review and test builds confidence and makes you ready for the next step. Every book of the series has a special section of Vocabulary Builder. The books focus the attention on funny English mistakes by giving them in boxes. Helping to develop English skills, this series teaches English language and shows how to use it in real life situations, writing paragraphs, letters, resume, making notes and other communication needs.


In Language Builder Book 3 – Parts of speech are introduced with pictorial activities and practice so that these can be very easily learnt.

Introducing Learning Aids and mapping ones learning is an outstanding feature of this book. The book is very systematically organized and a learner goes step-by-step learning various concepts with understanding and creative practice. Cartoonish illustrations and descriptions add to the fun in learning and understanding.

Key Features :

  1. Books are carefully graded
  2. with Grammar standards for each stage of learning. Grammar and punctuation rules are clearly defined. Explanations are clear and pictorially supported with mental maps and memory aids.
  3. Appropriate activities to help develop language skills
  4. A lot of worksheets with real life situations to help students develop communication skills.
  5. Grammar games and puzzles to stimulate thinking and build vocabulary and spelling.
  6. Attractive full colour layout of the books with cartoonish pictures to elaborate and illustrate the concepts and exercises to make learning fun
  7. Plenty of grammar, spelling, writing and communication exercises ensure that no student is left behind
  8. Extremely user friendly books with all books divided into well graded units. Built in evaluation of English learning. All units have unit reviews, to first enable the students to assess their understanding of the units followed by unit tests. This helps build the confidence of students and are a useful resource for teachers.
  9. All aspects of writing and communication including writing letters both formal and informal, note making and story telling are systematically covered.
  10. An outstanding feature of the series is learning to write a paragraph by step by step building on five points which every student can learn. Great emphasis is placed on original thinking and independent speaking and writing.
  11. Spelling activities and vocabulary builder sections help students learn and use new words.
  12. The books focus the attention of students on Funny English Mistakes by giving them in Boxes according to the concept being taught. Thus helping to eliminate common and funny errors.
  13. The Grammar books use such topics that are otherwise also useful for students such as Disaster management, Environment and holistic values


This series has been developed by Mr. David Dye, a world renowned author of several successful books and teacher trainer for English language teaching. He has years of research and experience for developing English Language Teaching Materials. His creativity worksheets are available at and are used by thousands of teachers all over the world for English teaching.

Dr Poonam S Kohli who has edited and compiled the series, has more than three decades experience in education and editing. She is an author of award winning and highly popular books for school students.

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Publisher: Punya Publications
ISBN NO: 81 89534-04-1
Book Size 180 X 240 mm
Language: English
Binding: Soft Back
Pages: 112Pages
Weight: 210 gms

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