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Punya Publishing Reserch Services

Educational Research Services

The Punya offers Educational Research Services and Consultancy for Total Quality

Managment / Improvement in schools.

  1. Designing curriculum for pre-primary education
    1. Orientation Programme for In-service teachers
    2. Understanding the needs of integrated development​
    3. Classroom Interaction Observation and Feedback
    4. Assessment for development
  2. Developing classroom systems on the school campus
  3. Education consultancy services :
    1. Selection of text and reference books in different subjects
    2. Teaching-learning strategies
    3. Classroom assessment of pupil's performance
    4. Mapping learner's profile
  4. In-service teacher training / orientation programme on
    1. Content
    2. Methodology
    3. Evaluation procedures
    4. Teacher's Teaching Profile and Self Improvement Feedback
  5. English language development programme
  6. Guidance and Counseling for parents on nurturing the school child
  7. Orientation for the school management on educational administration and management
  8. Campus development programme
  9. Selection and recruitment of teachers
  10. Sensitising for disaster management
  11. Guidance for setting total quality standards
  12. Orientation for developing children for knowledge based economy
  13. Value education, holistic development and life skills

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