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Punya Publishing Educators

Welcome educators on the Punya Publishing website

Support For Teachers

Punya Publishing being a group of dedicated people with several decades of experience in education and schools understands the needs and problems of teachers and tries to support them.

  • All our books contain specially designed evaluation materials to support and facilitate the work of teachers.
  • Two of our series Your New Learning Is Fun 1,2,3 and Learning To Be Great 1-5 give an index of Learning Skills and Life skills, aims and objectives of each lesson and detailed suggestions for teachers.
  • All the books have suggestions for Parents, so that teachers can coordinate their work with home and create an enriched environment for children.
  • The authors are available to answer any queries and help teachers.
  • The web site is so designed that the teachers get a complete idea of how our books cangenerate excellence in learning process of students with sample pages.
  • We have specially designed Keys for the Language Builder 1-8 to facilitate the work of teachers. The books, divided in units, have unit reviews and unit tests available for teachers to use, assess and help the students in the remedial work.

Using Technology

  • The teachers can get in touch with the authors by skype and can also see the suggestions for teaching demonstrated on YouTube.


  • Punya Thoughts for Education our Blog Blog constantly keeps you close to current research in education and suggestions for better learning processes.

Support for Schools

  • We also provide Educational research services and consultancy for Total Quality Management in schools.