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Being Creative is my birthright

Creative thinking

To create is to always do something new.

- Martin Luther


In the present times when knowledge is the prime mover of economy, being creative and innovative are the most premium qualities. In 2010, IBM conducted a survey with over 1500 corporate heads and public sector leaders to uncover the most important leadership quality for success in business. From among the people who participated in the survey 60% cited creativity as the most important leadership quality.


What is being creative?

There is nothing mysterious about Creativity. We do not form new ideas out of nothing, though the results of creative thinking are sometimes amazing. When an artist or a thinker turns or forms the ideas or materials at hand into a new creation of enduring value then it is the spark of creativity that is at work.

Creativity is the faculty of mind and spirit that enables us to bring into existence, something of use, order, beauty or significance, seemingly out of nothing.

No matter how old you get, if you can keep the desire to be creative alive, you are keeping the child in you alive.

Creativity nowadays is also referred as out of the box thinking.

As if we lead our lives in some boxes and if we are going to be creative, we need to peep nay jump out of these boxes.

What are these boxes?

How we have to think out of the box?

From where do these out of the box thoughts come?

How do we use these out of the box thoughts?

Let us imagine a cute picture of a small kitten with her head on the wall of the box.

Caught inside, she is partly complacent and partly irritated. She looks out, tries to jump out but slides back to the safety of her box. It is so familiar inside the box. A familiar quilt, a familiar pot of food, there are difficulties but what will happen if I challenge what is already there in my mind and physical circumstances. 

Life and ideas are like that. But all those who brought about a change and made life easier and healthier for others, were those who had the courage to jump out of the box and challenged the existing thought process, to discover and synthesize something new and useful.

All this and more we will teach you in this course. Our course helps you to develop your understanding of the creative process.

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