In the din and euphoria of Harry Potter let us not forget that we are also publishing great books in India. While Harry Potter weaves a world of magic, Year 7007 creates as fantastic a world thousands of years ahead looking through the crystal bowl of science. This book written by an Indian author A K Vijay Kumar takes us into a world where, humankind has spread out and colonized space. The march of science and technology has conquered the disease, aging—and even death and the species has established itself on countless millions of worlds. One man who is most proud of the efforts and success of Indian publishing is our President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. ‘Today when our illustrious president prepares to leave Rashtrapati Bhawan we at Punya Publishing thank him for his support and love for Indian publishing.’ Said Dr Poonam S Kohli managing director of Punya Publishing, publisher of his book The Luminous Sparks. He took a great pride in the quality of production of The Luminous Sparks – A Biography in Verse and Colours and presented it to many heads of countries.