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Learning to be Great 1

Learning to be Great 1
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Learning to be Great 1

A value education series that helps to develop physical, intellectual and character energy. Imparts Life Skills Develops thinking and analytical power Helps manifest greatness

Learning To Be Great Book 1 is the first book of the series Learning To Be great 1-5, which has carefully graded stories for children.  It is an attractive book of short stories with values for children. The book has colourful pictures. The stories relate to the age group of children.  The book starts with giving training and developing the value of remaining neat and clean. The value of eating healthy foods is presented with fun pictures and a fairy tale. Kid’s journey of stories and value education starts with the famous rabbit of Alice in Wonderland.  

The book covers stories and projects related to Physical development and values such as loving one's family, sympathy and helping others. The book also introduces children with various religions by giving short incidents and stories from the lives of great men. The stories related to trees and animals help to give value education related to environment.

These pictorially depicted stories for children are ideal bedtime stories. Suggestions are provided to parents and grandparents regarding how to relate to children with activities and inculcate moral values.

The book helps to express and unfold physical, intellectual, ethical, and spiritual possibilities in their fullest form. Life skills underlined and developed through the book are reflected chapter wise in the Contents.

The aims of the series are :

All round development inclusion of values and learning of life skills

Book Features

Physical Development

Ecological Values Environment Protection

Scientific Thinking and Analytical Power

Respect for Culture and Heritage

Stories for Internalising Values

Lives of Great Men - Source of Inspiration

Projects - Self Confidence and Creative Expression

Life Skills - Managing Emotions

Religious Harmony

Excellent educational books for home schools. Parents can use these educational books at home for enhancing learning and character building of children.

Support For Teachers

All the books contain specially designed evaluation materials to support and facilitate the work of teachers.

All the books give an index of Learning Skills and Life skills, aims and objectives of each lesson and detailed suggestions for teachers.

All the books have suggestions for Parents, so that teachers can coordinate their work with home and create an enriched environment for children.

The authors are available to answer any queries and help teachers.

The web site and the author is constantly available to answer any queries and help teachers.

Support for Schools

Educational research services and consultancy for Total Quality Management in schools.

Book Details
Publisher: Punya Publications
Publication Date 2010-02-02
ISBN NO: 81 901897-3-5
Book Size 180 X 240 mm
Language: English
Binding: Soft Back
Pages: 64Pages
Weight: 122 gms 

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