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LEARNING IS FUN – Preschool Workbooks Package for 3-5 Years Old

LEARNING IS FUN – Preschool Workbooks Package for 3-5 Years Old
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LEARNING IS FUN – Preschool Workbooks Package for 3-5 Years Old

LEARNING IS FUN – Preschool Workbooks Package for 3-5 Years Old- Ages 3+, Preschool to Kindergarten, Phonic Reading, Counting, Matching, Vocabulary, Physical, Social, Emotional Development and more

Let us discover together the joyful ways of early childhood learning with LEARNING IS FUN - a package of preschool books. This kids' books series has three books - over 240 pages of Fun Activities, stories, and games with Activity Cards and Easy Tips for teaching Preschool kids. These workbooks are packed with exercises that make learning fun. They will help your child develop skills for school readiness and success.


It covers the Preschool Curriculum based on the developmental continuum according to the age and competence of the child and provides easy step-by-step opportunities to repeat and internalize the skills.

The child will learn: 

  • Prewriting Practice – lines, circles, shapes, colours, tracing, matching, pattern practice
  • Writing Practice – eye-hand coordination, uppercase and lowercase letters, handwriting
  • Phonic Reading  – Sounds of letters and words, phonic rhymes for easy and enjoyable learning
  • Early Maths Skills – numbers, counting, patterns, shapes, sizes
  • Knowledge – animals, vegetables, fruit, parts of the body, things around the child
  • Cognitive skills – identification, matching, sorting, classification, class names, logical sequencing, whole part relations 
  • Sensory development – Activities for sensory development 
  • Physical Skills – Posture, walking, running, jumping, hopping, balancing, 
  • Social and Emotional Skills – social values such as friendship, sharing, preserving resources, cleanliness, ecological values and healthy habits taught with stories, puzzles and rhymes

Developed by education experts (with acclaimed research in the optimum development of Preschool Children) and teacher-approved, these workbooks will engage pre-schoolers and get them excited about learning! Blending over 240 pages of Stories, Rhymes, Pictures puzzles, skills practice, pre-schoolers and Kindergarten children will practice a variety of skills through exercises that will boost their confidence and happiness quotient.

For the ease of Parents and Educators books give

  1. Easy tips for teaching children in the introduction of books.
  2. The Preschool Integrated Development Observation Form given in the third book helps parents and  educators to know the competence level of the child.
  3.  The three books cover the Complete Preschool Curriculum.
  4.  A page-wise ready reckoner of all skills and activities covered in the books is given for reference
  5.  Each page gives on the top corner skills and activities covered
  6.  Contents describe skills and activities covered on each page 

These colourful attractive kids' books and activity cards are an excellent and complete resource for traditional, home-school, Montessori preschool, and kindergarten classrooms.

These are outstanding preschool workbooks for home-based/ home school learning, with extensive notes for parents and educators.

Buy the package to optimize the growth and development of the child.

About The Author:

The author Poonam S Kohli Ph.D. has decades of experience in research, training, and curriculum development in Early Childhood Education. Having a vast knowledge of how a child learns, the activities are created taking care of the attention span and interest of the child. A special forte of the author is the holistic development of children taking care of physical, social and emotional development along with skill-based cognitive development. The author has been working for years to facilitate the work of teachers and parents for the wholesome development of children. Each book has inbuilt materials supporting parents and teachers.

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 Publisher:  Punya Publisher
 ISBN NO:  9789381774137

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